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Reformed Shirt Company is a family-owned small business in Western Montana. I know, right? Yes, there are reformed folk in Montana. And we desire to glorify the God of the Bible by using our talents to that end. Oh, and enjoy Him forever of course.

Howdy. My name is Kevin. It just so happens that I have worked as a commercial artist since 1997. I have created thousands of logos, posters, websites, and other miscellaneous creative gobbledygook since then. So throwing my hat into the endless index of fly-by-night online retail t-shirt stores seemed like a fun challenge. I am bringing my personal creativity and unique design style to one of my favorite subjects—reformed Christian theology. The results are entirely in the Sovereign God’s hands and I pray that the saints will be edified and the lost will be found.

On behalf of my wife and children, thank you for shopping with us, and may God bless you for your support. I hope we can serve you well.

Kevin is the owner of Doodl Creative Studio—an American graphic design agency that cultivates brands through distinct, meaningful, and courageous creative. He writes and illustrates Christian kids’ books, and peddles apparel and home decor in his spare time.

Rebekah is a homemaker, homeschool teacher, and gardener. She is the best cook west of the Mississippi and enjoys playing the fiddle, going on bike rides, and hiking. Follow her adventures at SimplyHomeLife.com.

Kevin and Rebekah have four children, and two with the Lord. They are the source of immeasurable inspiration and joy.

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