City on a Hill: Bite-Sized Character Sketches Inspired by the Protestant Reformation, Volume I




Bite-Sized Character Sketches Inspired by the Protestant Reformation.


This beautifully illustrated and candid collection of one-page biographies from Christian Church history and the Protestant Reformation is a perfect introduction for kids, youth, and even mature believers. Learn the basics at a glance about the individuals who sacrificed everything to know, teach, and preserve the Bible for us. Through study, translation, and preaching, these individuals provided a clarifying light to the Holy Scriptures, like a city on a hill, unlocking the truth of the Gospel for ages to come. These sketches are for your inspiration, education, and encouragement. This book is the first in a series that simplifies a ton of information into a single-page bio for each Puritan and/or reformer to introduce you to these great thinkers and whet your appetite to dig in and read more about them. This coffee table book will spark conversation and help remind you why the Reformation happened.

Some of the biographies you will find in “A City on a Hill: Volume I” are:

Martin Luther
William Tyndale
John Knox
John Calvin
John Owen
John Bunyan
and more

Keep an eye out for “A City on a Hill: Volume II.” Thank you for supporting independent and self-published authors and illustrators. Be blessed.